Welcome to Tulleys Escape - Where Adventure Awaits!

Dec 29, 2023

Unveiling Tilly's Farm:

Tulleys Escape, nestled in the enchanting countryside, presents Tilly's Farm - an extraordinary attraction farm where adrenaline meets the charm of rural life. Combining the essence of escape games, amusement parks, and farm experiences, Tulleys Escape offers a one-of-a-kind adventure for all ages.

Escape Games: A Thrilling Challenge for Your Mind

At Tulleys Escape, we take escape games to a whole new level. Utilize your problem-solving skills and teamwork to overcome perplexing puzzles and mysteries. Immerse yourself in captivating scenarios and race against the clock to unravel the secrets lurking within our intricately designed game rooms.

Tilly's Farm Escape Game: The Ultimate Challenge

Tully's Farm Escape Game is the centerpiece of our attraction farm. Embark on a journey where you become the hero, risking it all to save the farm from impending doom. Encountering various obstacles and mind-bending challenges, you'll need to work together with your team to solve the puzzles, crack codes, and unlock the secrets of Tilly's Farm.

As you navigate through the immersive environment of Tilly's Farm Escape Game, the thrilling storyline unfolds, engrossing you in a race against time. Feel the excitement mounting as you progress, driven by the desire to triumph and protect the farm from danger. The vivid details and realistic set design will leave you feeling as if you've stepped into a whole new world.

Amusement Parks: Fun and Entertainment for All

Aside from the adrenaline-pumping escape games, Tulleys Escape is also proud to offer an array of thrilling amusement park rides and attractions. Whether you're seeking a heart-pounding roller coaster experience or a leisurely ride to appreciate the picturesque surroundings, our amusement park has something for everyone.

Unforgettable Rides and Attractions

Buckle up for a day of exhilaration as you enjoy our collection of top-notch rides. Feel the wind rush through your hair as you brave the twists and turns of our roller coasters. Laugh uncontrollably with friends and family on our entertaining carousel, or take a peaceful stroll through our beautifully landscaped gardens.

Children will delight in our specially designed kids' area, offering age-appropriate rides and activities. From gentle carousels to exciting mini roller coasters, their smiles and laughter will be the soundtrack of a memorable day at Tulleys Escape.

Tilly's Farm: A Unique Attraction Farm Experience

Tulleys Escape is not just about escape games and amusement parks; it's a place where you can reconnect with nature and experience the charm of a working farm. Tilly's Farm is the heart and soul of our attraction, providing a range of interactive farm experiences.

Get Up Close and Personal with Farm Animals

Treat yourself to an authentic farm encounter as you meet our friendly residents. From adorable lambs and woolly alpacas to curious goats and majestic horses, you'll have the opportunity to pet, feed, and learn about various farm animals. Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to share fascinating insights into their care and characteristics.

Harvest Time: Pick Your Own Produce

Experience the satisfaction of harvesting your own fruits and vegetables at Tilly's Farm. With seasons filling the land with bountiful crops, you'll have the chance to pick your favorites straight from the fields. This farm-to-table experience brings a sense of fulfillment and connection with the earth, reminding us of the beauty and nourishment that nature provides.

Plan Your Ultimate Adventure at Tulleys Escape

Tulleys Escape is more than just an attraction farm – it's an adventure-packed destination that offers escape games, amusement parks, and farm experiences all in one place. With Tilly's Farm at its core, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of excitement, mystery, and natural beauty.

Get ready to embrace the challenge, enjoy thrilling rides, and marvel at the wonders of a working farm. Tulleys Escape guarantees endless fun, unforgettable memories, and an escape from the ordinary. Venture into the extraordinary – visit Tulleys Escape and embark on a magical journey at Tilly's Farm today!

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